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Better Digital Habits

Unbundling G Suite

Keep Your Product Proportional to your Team

Startups as Systems of Impact

The Future of Work


Leadership Lattice: Domain of Self Management

Lectures on Time: Randy Pausch and Jeremie Saunders

Book Review: It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work

The Plugged-In Turnpike

Farnam Street and The Knowledge Project


Smart Locks and the Home Permissions Layer

The Big Hack

Leadership Lattice: Impact Domain

Mobile 3.0


Decision Making Frameworks

Learning Loops

The Calendar as a Product and Platform

Working Copy

Web 3: Consensus

Leadership Lattice: Application Domain

Failing at New Habits


3 Months

The Slack Product, Network and Ecosystem

Navigating Financial Crises (Video)

Web 3: Designing Networks with Tokens

World Population Cartogram

Leadership Latticework: The Organization Domain

Productivity Tuesday: Time Tracking Update

Sunk Costs and the Taste Gap

Decentralization, Revisited

Writing Habit Update

Web 3: Decentralization

The Rush and The Cloud

Leadership Latticework: The Individual Domain

Productivity Tuesday: Planning and Retrospectives

Mental Model: Compound Interest

Changing Minds

New Crafts & Interdisciplinarity

Future Friday: Web 3

Financial Literacy

Leadership Wednesdays: Building The Lattice

Productivity Tuesday: Managing Habits

Mental Models

Self Curiosity

Theme Days

Growing Up Everywhere

Time Tracking

Developing a Leadership Latticework

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