This is part of a series of posts about the Leadership Lattice, a framework for learning about the different dimensions of management and leadership.

Managing yourself as a leader is a critical element of the leadership lattice. This lattice is a framework of learning - which in itself is a concern of the domain of self management.

This domain is concerned with managing what you as an individual manager or leader have full agency over - your time, attention, knowledge, capability and emotion. Your ability as a leader to manage each of these areas will have broader impacts on the individuals you manage and the team dynamics, which in turn will have second order impacts across the entire lattice.

Much of what I cover in my posts on productivity are practices in the domain of self management, which is why I’ve called ‘productivity’ the art/science of practicing leadership on yourself.

Self management is comprised of the following practices, among others:

This is the last domain in the lattice. In previous weeks, we covered:

In a future post, I’ll be writing a summary of all of these domains and how they work together as an interconnected system.