It’s been almost 3 weeks of writing everyday. Some days have been more challenging than others, especially given the unpredictable schedule of managing 3 month old twin girls.

A few reflections:

  • I find myself getting into writing flow faster at night, but end up publishing well past midnight.
  • Theme Days have helped eliminate the burden of choice to write about, but some days I end up picking a topic too expansive and spend too much time outlining and researching vs. writing. I also committed to a theme day almost every week, and after a few days, I found it was too much and stopped. The only theme days I’m doing now are Productivity Tuesdays, Leadership Wednesdays, and Future Fridays.
  • Writing is an incredible learning tool, and very quickly highlights gaps in understanding on any topic. Writing an article (vs. just notes) forces ideas to be sequential and follow a natural order. That order requires ideas to build on each other naturally.
  • I’m still finding my writing voice. Exploring technical topics is rewarding, but can become draining everyday. Stream of conciousness is fun but not producing anything of real value outside of personal reflections. Despite this, ending the day with productive creative output is pretty rewarding.
  • At some point, I’ll probably combine some posts together into longer form essays on some topics.