One of the biggest challenges I’ve found in developing a writing habit is choosing what to write about. While there is no shortage of ideas, choosing between them has been challenging. So, I’m going to try to start theming my writing based on the Day of the week. Some of my favourite bloggers do the same - Fred Wilson and Albert Wenger.

So, here’s a tentative list of the theme days. Hopefully this reduces the burden of choice and just like building a writing habit itself, puts certain parts of the process on autopilot.

  • Productivity Tuesdays, in which I’ll discuss topics centered around the theme of personal betterment and productivity.
  • Leadership Wednesday, where I’ll write about topics related to management. I’ll likely use this latticework to start structuring topics.
  • Future Friday, where I’ll write about specific trends in technology and try to make some predictions about how things might develop.

On other days, I’ll leave it open to other topics. This might be too much structure already but I’m looking forward to reducing some burden of choice, and just write. I’m not sure. Let’s see.

Update: I’ve changed these recently based on experience over the last week. I initially had 5 theme days a week, and found it to be too much structure and made writing less enjoyable. The changes to this post show the edits I made.

Update 2: I’ve ended theme days. It works for some, but it just didn’t for me.