I’m starting a blog.

The primary purpose will be to develop a regular writing habit. I’ll start by using writing as a means to clarify my understanding of certain topics, explore an area of interest, or share something I’ve found repeatedly useful. As such, this is primarily self serving.

I’ll cover topics related to the work of building products and teams in tech for over 15 years, as well as the experience of growing up around the world and immigrating to Canada. I’ll explore topics I’m interested in: the promise & peril of a world being eaten by software, developing strong mental models, systems thinking, design and craft, personal productivity, and being a new parent.

So yeah, basically a lot of random shit to start off.

Everyday I will try to post something new, or at least expand on something I’ve posted earlier.

I’m doing this for myself, but if you find something useful along the way, that’s cool too. 🙏🏾