Cool to see Apple doing what they do best. Some very disconnected thoughts on the VisionPro:

  • Eye tracking + pinch interaction sounds absolutely wild. Look at an app, pinch to select👌🏽. Very reminiscent of how iPhone touchscreen was 10x better than others.

  • Feels like a new design space for accessibility. Can even imagine apps to help those with nervous system disorders (e.g. stroke victims) recover certain coordination functions, once more apps become a thing.

  • Might not be intentional but enabling 2D apps in 3D is a great way to onboard existing devs.

  • Naming it Vision Pro (vs. just Vision) is in line with a strong tradition of consumer vs. pro products. Also makes sense why Productivity is the leading message Vision Pro (my guess is “Vision” will focus on entertainment + “connection” features.

  • Not hard to imagine an entire media ecosystem available “Only on Apple Vision”. Strong Apple TV+ play here too, possibly. Apple plays long games so this is probably many years out.

Lots more cool stuff here -