It’s been too long since I’ve posted. There are entire categories of uncertainty I’m planning for in other parts of life. I’ve also been working on a longer essay on the rapid digitization of school and work. I’ve missed this space, as my days feel incomplete without some kind of creative output.

Felt apt to start again by chronicling how it all feels. Since my last post, the virus spread is continuing. Many countries have managed to flatten the curve and places like Singapore have even stopped a second outbreak. But it continues is some of the larget countries. China is going back into lockdown. Brazil’s leadership is completely ignoring the virus and will quickly take over the US in cases. The US just crossed 100,000 deaths, more than the lives lost in Vietnam. India’s cases are rising, despite strict lockdowns and contact tracing infrastructure.

So, this isn’t over. Not even close.

We are back in Canada after a few months in New York, putting that life adventure on pause. Healthy, content, and planning for the future.

My daily routine has evolved. I’m up earlier, working out and meditating more. But the workday is intense. I’ve also noticed people are becoming very, very tired of this shit. The burden on everyone is huge and parents have a unique set of challenges. Most schools have cancelled the school year. Knowledge workers around the world are becoming accustomed to a digital by default workday. Childcare is becoming a real issue for families that are balancing it all.

Over and above anything else I’m thinking of the opportunities around us. Moving our spaces of learning and working into a digital space by default is probably the biggest societal change I might ever witness.