This post is a set of raw and disconnected thoughts on some of the biggest opportunities in ed-tech, somewhat as a continuation of yesterday’s post.

  • The line between education and work will continue to blur. Career outcomes will be tied more closely to education, creating a flywheel for a stronger partnership between the world of education and industry. We’ll see more students have their education subsidized by the companies they will one day work for. When joining the workplace, learning and development will play an even stronger role in retaining employees.
  • The tools that knowledge workers use to communicate, collect and compound knowledge will play an interesting parallel role with edtech. I’m not sure exactly how this will manifest but tools like Roam Research are useful for anything from scientific research and the workplace.
  • There will be a network that emerges for project based learners to come together to share their work and process. There is a massive demand for people to see other’s creative process in progress, and for those that are working on things to learn and collaborate with other creators.

This set of thoughts will continue to evolve, but one thing seems to be clear: it’s an exciting time to be building education software products.