Things will never be the same, there will be a new normal. People say this a lot these days. The shock of a global months long lockdown is too intense for our social norms to revert, and economy will take a different shape too. This post is an exploration of how our education systems will change post-virus.

  • In preschools - our attitudes towards daycare will change. Daycares are necessary for working parents despite being known as a disease vector. Post-COVID, this will change and many parents will choose in-home pre-schooling options.
  • In K-12 and college - distance learning capabilities will be a fundamental requirement for all schools and boards - to the point where we will question what the school day looks like, and what value coming to school actually has for students. It will fundamentally change every students schedule.
  • The explosion in MOOC’s will lead to the demand for the curator / aggregator of the best courses.
  • The realm of education and work will continue to come together. Education will not be considered a discrete phase in someone’s life. We’ll see that distance learning and remote work will make it easier for someone to manage their days so that they may spend half the day working, and another half earning a degree. This is an interesting concept and probably deserves it’s own post.
  • Massive unemployment will require an appropraite sized retraining of people to become a part of the knowledge economy. This seems like a tremendously large opportunity.

I’ll keep adding to this list as more thoughts on this topic develop.