Many thoughts are racing so this is post is going seem more erratic than normal.

A few things are clear at this point. We are witnessing a demarcation point in modern society. That sounds grandiose but “pre-virus” and “post-virus” are going to our generation’s equivalent to “pre-war” and “post-war”.

This is too big of a stimulus to the system for things to return back to normal. Some predictions, large and small:

  • More than ever people are willing to try out the “online version of X”, whether that is education, fitness, events, etc. When they can’t have the physical thing at all, they will have to suffice with the digital version. In some of these cases, the digital version of X will be “good enough” for people to continue using them. In others, they may return to old patterns if they are still available.

  • The Zoom and Twilio Video API’s will become as powerful as the FB platform. Whether it’s DJ sets or TED talks, these platforms will power video streaming live events and it will become one of the most valuable companies in tech.

  • Any form of information transfer that requires physical contact - swiping credit cards or pressing elevator buttons - will become contactless. We will see a ton of innovation in human computer interfaces in these situations (voice, etc).

  • I expect to write (and read) many more posts of people wrongly predicting the future, just like this one :)