As I write this, the Dow is hovering at about 8% off yesterday’s close, Twitter is buzzing with conversations about Coronavirus and the economy. The volatility index (VIX) is spiking.

I happen to follow a lot of investors on Twitter. The consistent narrative is that we are headed to into an unprecedented territory, potentially the fastest bear market in history.

I wanted to record what this feels like, because like many others I’m exposed to this risk. As of now, I’m not too worried (this may come back to bite me later). Mainly because what I’m holding is what I would’ve held anyways and will want to hold for a long time. And simply now I can get more for cheaper.

But it definitely feels surreal to be watching what will definitely be written about in the financial history books. This will spark financial theories, and people will likely study this time for generations. As things are happening I’ll be using this space to document how I’m thinking about these changes.