A list of the Top 100 Marketplaces was published yesterday by A16Z (by revenue, and in US only). Some things I took away from this:

  • Airbnb (travel) is the largest, capturing 38% of the pie. Food delivery and groceries companies are in the next three positions.
  • Some of the fastest growing companies are in surprising categories like wholesale (e.g Faire) and celebrity engagement (e.g. Cameo). Sneakers and indie goods marketplaces are also growing rapidly but this isn’t that surprising.
  • Some categories are fragmented, others have clear winners. Airbnb is a clear winner in travel - makes sense, given travel is infrequent and choices are zero sum. I’d imagine it would be the opposite for categories like Food, Education and Shopping.

The full post here. UPDATED:

There’s also a further analysis of the list, by order frequency and size.