An interesting Twitter thread about the future of education from David Perell. I agree with a lot of points but the college system is incomplete, not completely irrelevant. It opens space for a new flavor of learning modality, but my guess is the rumors of the death of college are exagerrated. Some key points from the thread:

  1. Teaching will become an extremely lucrative profession, and salaries will follow a power law.
  2. Mass market courses will have Hollywood-level production budgets.
  3. Subjects will cross-pollinate, and students will become more polymathic.
  4. Education will be cheap, once credentials are out of the hands of just colleges.
  5. Community learning will make a comeback - creating groups of self motivated learners.
  6. Students will become producers - they’ll learn by creating, building and doing things.
  7. School will escape the classroom.
  8. The future of education looks like Y-Combinator, with respected industry credentials, supporting peers, learning by doing, and top talent.
  9. Students evaluations will become as meaningful teacher evaluations.
  10. Online education will invert the learning process, starting with curiousity and moving towards the basics of specifics subjects.
  11. The best teachers will be practitioners - the industry experts themselves.