In a busy world, the simplest gestures can still have large impact. This post is a collection of some of these.

  • Publishing a blog post to recap a memorable conversation. I’ve done this one myself and found it’s always received well and memorable gesture. Obviously I never divulge private information and ask permission before posting.

  • Contacting the authors of your favourite article or books to tell them what you learned or appreciated about their work. Some people I know are infamous for picking up the phone to contact anyone mentioned in articles they find interesting. It’s bold and direct but almost always works. Discussing with others is cool; talking to the authors is priceless.

  • The perfect cold email. Related to the above - most successful and famous people still attend to their inboxes. A well crafted, succinct email to the right person with the right ask can open almost any door. This is almost an art.

I’ll update this post with other examples as they come to mind.