A friend recently asked, ‘what do you think will be true for yourself in ten years’? It was an interesting approach to asking a common question. Two things came to mind. First, I simply hoped for physical and mental wellbeing for my family and myself. The second: I hope that I’ll have a livelihood that is focused on education.

I don’t want to try and predict the future. Intention seldom survives years, let alone a decade. That said, there probbaly isn’t a more important problem (outside of the climate crisis) that I can contribute towards. Whether its the growing skills gap, or the looming debt crisis fueled by student debt - the educational infrastructure around the globe is breaking at its seams. Information asymmetry is still rampant. Students, teachers and educational institutions are actively seeking better software solutions to improve the learning process. We’re also moving to a stage where software is solving higher order problems.

And I’m looking forward to exploring this innovation space further.