Daily habits easily become challenging when things get busy. Busy at work, at home, or anywhere else. Some things are genuinely out of our control and requires appropriate prioritization. Since time is a zero sum game, that means not focusing on the things you might want to. This is fine, as long it’s there’s a consistent self awareness it’s happening.

At the same time, I try to mindful of when I’m using busy as an excuse.

The habits that are central to our identity - the things we do that make us feel whole - compel their way into the calendar. Sometimes it’s because we adjust our schedule to make time, other times it’s the guilt from missing a few days that creates the force.

I’m in a state of busy these days. Yesterday, I wrote four blog posts to make up for lost days. Today, it’s this reminder - stay self-aware, and mindful of using busy as an excuse. If it’s happening, change course.