I’ve often said that everyone has a both a music startup and travel startup idea in them. For travel, everyone has such a personal style that no single product can satisfy the all those niche interests and combinations of interests. Some plan, others are spontaneous. Some enjoy the highlights, others enjoy going off the beaten path. Ofcourse these are only two very simple dimensions.

For me, that travel idea is Guidelets - an app for beautiful “micro” city guides. Each guide is limited to 5 places, forcing curation. Each guide is also very pleasant to read and look at - inspired by the city guides featured in Monocle magazine. It’s just a product that I wish existed, so I decided to create it. As an MVP, I decided to use Glide, the no-code app creator to create a Guidelets Glide app. I’ll be updating it with more guides from past travels and recommendations from friends’ travels.