I live to travel. I love that tech has made it easy to experience the world, whether its through instant online booking, social recommendations or home-sharing.

While the convenience is great, I do miss parts of the travel agent experience. I miss the ability to contact someone that understands your travel preference, can find you things you might not have been looking for, and make the process of travel planning more fun than work.

What tech has done is taken a fragmented supply (flights, hotels, etc) and make it really easy for the customer to make the best choices at the cheapest cost. In similar ways to other marketplaces, those suppliers now depend on travel bookings by these sites and advertise good reviews.

However, I wonder if there’s a need for a product to help those travel agents become more successful, and to help people become travel agents. I have friends with amazing taste that refer people to travel destinations without participating in any upside for that referral. It would be really interesting to see a product that helps them participate in that; I think it’s worth it for all sides involved.