Futureland is a supportive multidisciplinary community of people committed to creating something everyday for a year. It’s a new way to learn anything, and recently launched Futureland Support Packs.

Support Packs are a way to fund the development of the project, which is currently a solo-effort by InternetVin. He says it best in the blog post.

Futureland has demonstrated that it can be an effective tool for someone to learn new skills and stick to long term projects. I receive positive feedback on this project every day. But can Futureland continue to sustain itself? At this point, Futureland is entirely created and supported by me.

I started to wonder, how Futureand could ask for support in a way that (1) was respectful of early user support through their time and energy. And (2) recognizes that Futureland is still very much a product in development and therefore should not be priced like a final product.

The solution I came to was this concept of optional support for existing users. If users want and are in a position to support Futureland, they can. I created a few different methods to do that. Some are simple like a $20 pledge and others include cool products like a limited full-sleeve Futureland tee.

I will always be experimenting with new ways to sustain and expand Futureland while being respectful to its earliest users. The vision is to create a tool that makes it a little easier for any one on Earth to learn anything.