Most startups fail because they built something no one wanted (I read that it was upto 42%, but obviously not scientific). So, the path to building something out of nothing is fraught with risk, something that those working in larger companies are less likely to make. However, their years of industry insight may be extremely valuable in de-risking any enterprise from Day 1.

Why not try to solve both these problems together, by building a service to accelerate the path of validation for those with great product ideas - in partnership with a trusted group of product experts.

It would be a turnkey service that offers:

  • Easy setup of an MVP - whether it’s a landing page for a new app or quick prototype of the product.
  • Performance marketing to target the right consumer
  • Reporting and analytics on how well the MVP did, with a recommendation for whether they want to continue.

This is obviously great dealflow for pre-seed stage VC, so access to a VC network would be a easy add on.