Given the massive disparity between easy access to capital and difficult access to amazing talent, startups - especially those in seed/series A stage - are in a desparate situation. They are losing talent to better funded startups and more established players, and at the same time fighting towards finding product market fit. Their only advantage - access to more stock options - is also getting weaker.

To help startups stay competitive in the market, they need to offer something more. And I believe that comes in the form of an environment for fast paced learning. Ultimately, a startup is a learning machine, and an employee that enters a successful startup is guaranteed an opportunity to grow at a disproportionate rate than the market.

However, setting up an infrastructure for learning at any company takes a lot of time. Learning management is a mature industry and there are a lot of competitors. And when a startup prioritizes learning, an LMS is often not the first solution. They do a few scattered things - setting a training budget, hiring coaches, using recommended vendors for workshops, and so on. None of these things are tracked with any meaningful ROI.

Additionally, most of these infrastrctures do not account for the needs of modern knowledge workers - social learning opportunities, content delivered in super engaging ways, and the opportunity to raise their personal profile.

There is a need in this market for a modern learning management system that turns every startup into a learning machine instantaneously - one that fosters learning communities, focuses on content optimised for comprehension (vs consumption).