Travel has always been a part of my personal narrative. I lived around the world up until high school - spending three years a piece in Denmark, Malawi, Saudi Arabia, India and The Philippines. In 1997 I finally settled in Toronto - the most multicultural city in the world.

Parenting takes you back to your own childhood, and I’ve often thought how I would even come close to recreating this experience for our family. Relocation seems like such a momentous challenge of finding a new home, livelihood and social support system.

But, what if that process wasn’t so difficult? What if you could painlessly coordinate the entire process of finding a new home and job in a new country, and connect with like minded people to build a support system? This sounds like ultra fringe behaviour but we all have friends that have moved to a different country just to experience a different life for a few years. It could become more normal much the same way renting your house to strangers is on Airbnb, or getting into a strangers car on Lyft or Uber. I’d like to imagine a future in which this is possible.