A few unstructured notes on learning in startups today:

  • Companies today have to accept a broader responsibility to develop their people in order to stay competitive in the market. This has always been true in a sense, but more pronounced in today’s hiring environment.
  • Acquiring and retaining talent is the single most important issue for most startups. But, most HR teams are consumed the former (acquisition).
  • The opportunity for continual growth is the most common reason why people join, stay or leave a company. Learning and development activities are an important pillar of this.
  • Learning today goes beyond good content and how it’s delivered. It covers the full range of investment that a company is making in an individual. This includes - improving their personal brand, building effective networks, learning through peers, coaching and mentorship.
  • Learning infrastructures take a long time to build, and as a startup there’s a gap in the market for a ‘turnkey’ learning management system.
  • Employees are not empowered enough, and often feel alone in self betterment in a startup. They need active approaches, time and budget set aside, and feet in the right doors.
  • Most if not all of the tech giants and larger tech companies have very strong infrastructures for continual learning. Many credit company success to those programs.