I was having a conversation recently about diversity, which quickly turned into one about responsible technology.

There are two prevailing ways I think about this, and I wanted to clarify them in a post.

First - software is a strange beast. It has a disproportionate impact across the world than any other industry. The global impact of software requires that the teams building it are considerate to the needs of more types of cultures, races, genders, and other segments. It’s not just the right thing to do - it’s the smart and profitable thing to do.

Second - building a company, especially a software company - and ultra especially a successful one - requires you to take a broader look at your company’s role in society. You are building a system that empowers your employees to create massive impact. If that opportunity was only provided to a priveleged few, you are only building a system to perpetuate the problem.

These two perspectives have helped me understand the importance of diversity and inclusion especially for a technology startup today.