I’ve referred to the Company System, or Leadership Lattice framework in a number of contexts recently, and what I’ve found to be true is that it’s truly versatile in it’s uses.

  • As a model for company building - The company system is a first principles breakdown of a company and how it works. It starts with individuals, being organized into teams of all sizes, responsible for products and services that are adopted by a market of customers. The result of this has a broader impact, often encompassed as a mission or vision. There is also the leader themself, and the broader governance layer that is responsible for the whole operation.

  • As a learning framework - Leadership is one of the most written about topics, and social media has created advice overload. The system is a way of mentally categorizing insight and techniques - for better recall and to avoid recency bias.

  • As a time management framework - So much of leadership is managing attention on the right things, and this system provides a finite view of the different buckets of attention. Also, every company needs to focus on different parts of this system at every stage (e.g. early stage companies only care about how their product is being received, because it’s the only thing that matters at that stage).

  • As a leadership type assessment - The lattice is a way of understanding different management styles. I wrote about this in an earlier post - Focus on a specific part of a company system can define management styles. In essence, understanding where someone spends their attention can come to define their management style. Interest in a specific area is ofcourse a leading indicator to attention.