In online networks designed for sharing content, a general product trend is user interaction always gets closer to the content. Put another way, when users are given the ability to react to something as they are enjoying it, it tends to create more engagement.

Soundcloud’s in-song comments let you add comments to a specific place in a song. It’s arguably the most unique part of the platform, and often provides quality signals to listeners.

Reading platforms like Wattpad or Medium provide inline comments that let you comment and highlight what you’re reading.

Youtube lets you add a comment on a specific place in a video (but doesn’t highlight these to the viewer, so they are not easy to discover). Periscope and Instagram Live let you add reactions in real time in a very playful floating emoji/hearts experience.

Likes or favorites are often considered “table stakes” for any content community. But when you let audiences leave their mark on their favorite places (in a song, story or whatever), it creates meaningful connection with content - and it’s creator.