The convergence of software interface design and development has been an long running trend - and especially so in recent years.

We’ve abstracted complexity from many parts of the development process, making it more approachable than it has ever been. This leads to more developers, more diverse ideas, and more software that helps real people around the world.

Design tools are also using development workflows (like version control) and even underlying technology. A recent example of this is the prototyping tool Framer using React for all components.

Merging the two fields means developers and designers are able to lend their skillsets to each other. We are at the point where a design prototype can almost become a launchable app or website to test with real users.

In the Model-View-Controller framework, the View and Controller have design and development overlap. But, the Model and database is mostly development. While design prototypes can be connected to real data with an API, the prototype and database are completely independent.

It would be powerful if a prototyping tool also enabled a stronger connection with the database layer. For example, if Framer/Sketch also connected with a library like GraphQL. It would be additionally powerful if the data structure was inferred from a prototype based on the types of UI elements being used. It would allow for designers to develop the infrastructure of the app, and potentially launch their database driven prototypes in market.

This convergence is bound to happen, and maybe already is (and hasn’t been announced). And if not this, design and development will continue trending towards each other in other ways. Tools will get more powerful and easier to use, and this will enable more ideas to turn into real products.