Today, our Studios team announced Wattpad Books - Wattpad’s first direct publishing division.

Wattpad has always helped writers become successful on our platform. We do this by giving them a platform to tell stories, build community around their stories, and make a living with their writing.

Wattpad Studios launched a few years ago to amplify that success - by helping writers turn their stories into books, TV shows and movies.

Wattpad Books will be a data driven publisher and will focus on undiscovered stories from marginalized communities.

Wattpad Books brings new technology and insights to the publishing industry. Combining human editorial expertise with Wattpad’s Story DNA Machine Learning technology, Wattpad Books will identify and publish stand-out stories from the more than 565 million story uploads on Wattpad. Using audience data from global reading trends, Wattpad Books will publish a mix of international Wattpad hits and hidden gems.

With billions of data points from Wattpad’s global audience of more than 70 million people, Wattpad Books will introduce diverse, new, and undiscovered voices to book lovers everywhere. Readers will find new genres, category-bending spins on traditional genres, narratives that tackle the experiences and struggles of marginalized communities, and stories that speak to the diversity of Wattpad’s global community online.

It’s another step along the path to entertain and connect the world through stories.