It’s late, the kids are finally in bed. It’s snowing outside and quiet inside. These are the dream hours for writing, but the words aren’t coming easy. Writer’s block; a familiar feeling.

Walking, reading, freewriting - all have helped to a degree. But I often default to a method that I’ve found most effective.

I ask - what would future you find helpful?

Asking the question sparks many topics. Sometimes they are familiar, like tech or mental models. Other times they require research, and the post just becomes an executive summary. Other times I choose topics that have been on my mind for a while, and putting them into writing lightens my future cognitive load.

Many of the posts on this blog have come from asking that question. I’ve referred back to those posts, sent them to people to illustrate my thinking.

This post itself is a reminder of that tool. If you’re ever blocked for words, you might find it helpful too.