I decided to start the year with a quick digital cleanup project - it’s an exercise to get rid of all the digital junk on my devices and online. I’ll also be auditing any personal data across the internet. It will probably take a week or so the first time around, but I’m hoping it gets faster over time. Here’s what I’m focusing on - many of these items are from some good articles on this topic.

Personal Data

  • Cleaning up Connected apps on Facebook / Google
  • Checking if I’ve been pwnd in any hacks this year, and making any password / account changes where needed
  • Auditing any saved passwords in my web browser


  • Cleaning up my Following list on Twitter (happens more regularly)
  • Archiving and Deleting Conversations in IM Apps
  • Deleting unused social accounts where services provide that option

Subscriptions and Notifications

  • Unsubscribing to email subscriptions and mailing lists
  • Auditing any paid subscription services
  • Removing myself from Slack channels and workspaces

Cleaning Clutter

  • Removing old Simplenote notes and tags
  • Deleting apps that I no longer use
  • Deleting the “Downloads” folder on my Mac, which has become a dumping ground
  • Cleaning up Desktop Icons