The Talent Code and Culture Code are books written by Daniel Coyle.

The Talent Code is about how to train individuals to become great at what they do. The Culture Code is about how to enable groups to do great things together.

While they are published separately, I’m examining them together for the purpose of the leadership lattice, a framework for learning and developing leadership skills.

The Talent Code has 3 key points (from this summary):

  1. More myelin is how you hardwire skills into your body.
  2. Use deep practice to increase the myelin around your neural pathways.
  3. Chunk up what you’re practicing into its smallest units.

These can benefit anyone who is seeking to improve their own performance, or the performance of any individuals they manage. The lessons from The Talent Code apply in the domain of self management and individuals.

The Culture Code also has 3 main points (from this summary)

  1. Build safety to make everyone feel comfortable in working together.
  2. Share vulnerability to show no one needs to be perfect.
  3. Establish purpose through a common goal and a clear path to get there.

This framework can be used to improve a team’s performance, so it belongs within the team / organization domain.

Both books provide a simple, easy to follow framework for improvement at an individual and team level. They are a good example of how the lattice helps to ‘stitch’ together learning from different sources.