“Do things and tell people” is probably one of my favorite pieces of advice. It’s simple, yet extremely effective. There are countless examples of success that started with people consistently producing things - building software, designing, writing - and consistently putting their work out there for people to enjoy.

By themselves - any one of those two things - doing things and telling people - have limited value.

Working on things without telling anyone can be satisfying for a little while, but over time the lack of feedback will often bring creativity to a halt. As they say - it’s not really a joke until someone laughs at it. I find myself falling into this trap often. This blog itself is an exercise to get over some of those insecurities.

Obviously, telling people without doing anything is just noise. It can be somewhat useful, but it doesn’t have much lasting value. It’s surprising how much of this exists.

Putting them together consistently over time is a formula for compounding impact, and can build a path to success, no matter what you do.