For the last 100 days, I’ve written everyday on this blog. Topics ranged from leadership, productivity, startups, code, and mental models.

Sometimes the words have come easy. I’ve written some detailed, multi-part series. There are 20 posts about the leadership lattice, a learning framework for new leaders with roots in systems thinking. I’ve explored the world of crypto with a series of posts on the basics of Web 3.0.

Other days, I’ve struggled with the self-imposed requirement to post everyday. Those days, I just share an interesting link and some quick commentary.

When I first started, there were many ideas I wanted to write about. When I started exploring some of them, I struggled through the writing process. I’ve started to gravitate towards a few topics I really enjoy - productivity, code, startups, leadership and learning. That said, this blog still doesn’t have a clear topical identity - and that’s okay for now. I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

More than anything else, I’ve found value in making the simple act of writing a part of my everyday routine.

I thought 100 would be impossible when I first started. Now, it feels like just the beginning.