Start with Why is a book by Simon Sinek, published in 2009. There’s also an excellent TED Talk on the subject of the book. It is centered around the concept of “Why” - the central reason that inspires action in people.

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action, is divided into 4 parts:

1) About Why - An overview of “Why” and it’s role in decision making 2) Brands - How “Why” plays a key role is helping to shape the long-term success of brands - Lessons from here apply in the Application domain. 3) Organizations - How “Why” plays a role in attracting and retaining employees - Lessons from this section apply mostly in the Individual domain, but some also in the domain of Organization. 4) Personal leadership - How “Why” plays a role in leadership - This is primarily concerned with how leaders use Why as a tool to inspire and lead - and can be considered part of the Individual or Organization domain.

As a leadership book, Start with Why touches many parts of the lattice, and is one of the few books that bridges between the domain of Individual, Organization and Application / . The lessons test the structure of the lattice, and it’s an interesting leadership book structured entirely around the concept of why, rather than a specific leadership technique or management approach.

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