I’ve been having writer’s block this last week, and have often resorted to short posts, many simply linking to cool and useful resources. That’s fine, but it’s not really why I started this blog. I thought I’d reaffirm why I write - primarily as a reminder for future reference. In itself, it’s helped unblock a few words and thoughts.

I write to learn. I pick topics that I want to understand further, and force myself to write a post with some explanatory or analytical value. The exercise of both helps me understand a topic in more depth than reading.

I write to clarify my methods. I write about certain mental models and frameworks, and writing about them helps to simplify my thinking. I also use these posts as reference for future use. The leadership lattice is one such example.

I write as commentary on the future. Working in tech means your head is often planted in the future, for better or for worse. I write to clarify my hypotheses in that landscape of change.

I write as a journal. I write to share experience and opinions. These are the unstructured stream of conciousness posts (a bit like this one).

Ultimately, all of my writing is self serving. I use it as a personal utility in many ways. In doing that, something may also be useful to others, and that’s cool too.