I’ve recently been thinking about the concept of intentionality. It is a philosophical concept that has a pretty abstract meaning.

To me, intentionality is about being aware of yourself at different levels, and doing things with more presence and purpose.

Being intentional with time means understanding how it’s being spent today, actively planning how I will spend it across multiple time horizons, and being reflective about the past.

Being intentional with knowledge means understanding how I learn, building mental models to increase my learning capability, and actively practicing it across a variety of topics.

Being intentional with money means understanding how my money is spent and developing a sound investment strategy that fits me.

Being intentional about emotion means being aware of my emotional states, what triggers them, and what that teaches me about myself.

Being intentional about my relationships means actively investing in strengthening them everyday, and trying to be as present as possible.

Intentionality makes its way into all parts of your life. Intentionality makes you look inwards, and helps you understand and better yourself. In doing so, you become the biggest subject of your attention. Improving yourself becomes your biggest priority. The anxieties of meeting external expectations disappears, and you can simply focus on what is fully in your control.