Basecamp has always been at the forefront of mythbusting startup norms. They have contributed so much to the startup community - from technology (Ruby on Rails), to operating frameworks (Remote), to lessons on company culture shared over two decades of iteration.

Their most recent book, It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work, is a manifesto for a calmer, more thoughtful approach to company building. Jason Fried and DHH advocate for some seemingly radical ideas - things like no goals or long term plans and encouraging an interruption and meeting-free culture. While it can come across as being a bit dogmatic at times, I appreciate them openly sharing their approach (one that clearly works for them).

It’s interesting to have read this today, because just yesterday I wrote about Venkatesh Rao’s thinking about how we need to build a muscle memory for all types of information streams. The approach in this book feels like the antithesis.

Regardless - it’s a quick read, and a refreshing take on company building and culture. Get it here.