I’m kicking off this post following up on the domains of responsibilty outlined in developing a leadership latticework. This learning framework is simply an outline of the areas for which leaders are either directly responsible or accountable.

As a refresher, the domains of responsibility outlined were (updated with links):

In following weeks, I’ll be examining each domain by detailing:

  • Guiding Mental Models: These mental models that can help understand the overall responsibility scope of the domain.
  • Practices: This outlines the specific practices of the domain. These cover the responsibility scope in more detail.
  • Frameworks: Here I’ll cover some of the frameworks that I’ve picked up along the way that have helped me in the practices above. The sources of these frameworks come from everywhere - experience, blog posts, books.
  • Other Resources: Specific people, authors, books or websites I’ve found to be a great source of information related to this domain of leadership.

As I come across new sources of knowledge, this framework has helped me file things away, compare one technique to another, or just simply clarify what the job actually is. I want to emphasize that this is my personal framework of learning. Hopefully, the structure can be useful to someone other than myself as well.

Next week, I’ll cover the Individual Domain, which is concerned with management at an individual level.